Q. Does the Lifetime Warranty apply to overseas orders?

A. Yes!

Q. How tall is the Signature Smart Touch Faucet?

A. 42cm from the base to the top.

Q. Are your faucets fingerprint resistant?

A. Yes they are!

Q. Is the Signature Smart Touch faucet fixed or does it swivel?

A. It swivels 360 degrees so you can reach all areas of your sink!

Q. What does the cutout hole size for my countertop need to be?

A. It will need to be 1.18 inches.

Q. What if my faucet leaks?

A. We will send you a new one under our Lifetime Warranty.

Q. What is best to clean my faucet?

A. You can use any household cleaner or stainless steel cleaner to clean your faucet!

Q. Will your faucets work in other countries?

A. Absolutely! We will send you the necessary sized equipment for the country you are in. 

Q. What type of battery does the Signature Smart Touch Faucet use?

A. This faucet uses 4 AA batteries that are securely held in the battery box.

Q. Is this company located in the USA?

A. Yes, we are. 

Q. Do your faucets meet water pressure standards?

A. Yes, our faucets all produce a flow rate of 1.8 gpm.

Q. What is the cartridge on the inside made of?

A. Our cartridges are a high quality ceramic valve core which has been carefully tested numerous times to ensure durability and so that no leaks occur.

Q. Does the pull out hose retract and close softly?

A. Yes, the hose has a soft close and quiet close feature. 

What material is the faucet made of?

A. Solid, lead-free brass.